"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Monday, December 8, 2008

Housemates and car wreck: Melyssa on temporary hiatus

Mercedes E Class
don't get in a wreck without one

I hope we don't lose our readers, but I've got to take a break for a couple weeks and get my life caught up.

I was in a car accident and I seem to be completely unhurt. That is because my Mercedes Benz did its job. I escaped the ordeal with only two bruises. The entire compartment of the car was intact even though the other driver (who was at fault) ran a light and hit my car at about 35 -40 miles per hour. The impact flipped his van on its side and they had to cut him out. I was told he was talking and alert.

It was mind blowing to actually be in a bad wreck in a Mercedes. They really are safe cars.

Since the accident happened in Center Township (Central & 29th), I'll let you guess whether the driver at fault had a license to operate the vehicle, let alone insurance.

On a happier note, two housemates moved in last week. I'm busy getting them settled in and at home. They are both terrific people and we get along great. They love the house and ambience. I love the company and the fact that my place isn't so big and empty anymore.

I'll blog a bit here and there in December. Look for posts to pick up full speed on HFFT in January. In the meantime, may I suggest you watch my favorite blogs: Advance Indiana, Justice & Fortitude, Indiana Barrister, Ogden on Politics, Welcome To My Tea Party, and Hoosier Access.

Thanks for your readership and please keep coming back.


Gary R. Welsh said...

Melyssa, Glad to hear you're alright. An unlicensed, uninsured teen-ager t-boned my car at that exact same intersection many years ago. I came through the accidently safely only to be beaten up by a group of the local hoodlums before police arrived.

bobisimo said...

Glad to hear the car kept you safe! If it's any consolation, my car was involved in a hit-and-run by an uninsured motorist and my insurance agent (Geico) covered my costs 100%. I hope it works out at least as easily for you. Come back healthy and happy!

Diana Vice said...

I've been wondering about you. I'm glad you're ok. Cars can be replaced. People cannot. Thanks for posting the link to my blog. It's really increased my traffic, which tells me HFFT is a popular site.

Anonymous said...

I actually felt sorry for you until I read this clearly racist statement:

Since the accident happened in Center Township (Central & 29th), I'll let you guess whether the driver at fault had a license to operate the vehicle, let alone insurance.

Now I feel sorry for the person you've become. It's sad.

Anonymous said...

Police came just in the nick of time, eh?


M Theory said...

Perhaps it is YOU that is the one who is racist. I didn't mention race, I mentioned a locality.

I'll elaborate more on the details of the accident.

You see, I have no idea what race the driver of the vehicle at fault was. I never saw him. Not even for a second.

His van was flipped on its side after he hit me. Because he was travelling so fast, I didn't see his vehicle until a split second before the impact which collided slightly behind my field of vision.

From there all I saw was a witness, a police officer who spoke to me in my car and then the paramedics took me straight from the car into the ambulance.

It is YOU, racist anonymous commentor 6:40, that is the racist for you want to see racism in any event or comment that you possibly can without even knowing all the facts.

M Theory said...


Didn't you hear? America isn't racist anymore we elected a black president and now the country is rallying around him.

Why do you continue to bring up race. Let it go. Let's judge people on the content of their character instead, shall we?

And your character, so quick to label me a racist, makes me think that you are far to quick to judge people you don't know.

By the way, did you know one of my favorite roommates ever was a black guy who was HIV positive? He was a dear friend and I stood up to my family to invite him into my home when he needed a place to stay. To this day he's one of my best friends on this planet.

Don't you ever try to put that racist label on me again, Got that?

Anonymous said...

I actually did know that about your roommate. And I actually was expecting you to tokenize that relationship. Thanks for living up to my perception of you. And please, with the "got that?" comment. I don't take orders from you. Your submission tactics do not work with me. I never called you a racist. I simply said the statement was racist. There is a gigantic difference.

Paul K. Ogden said...


Sorry to hear about the accident. Hope you are up and about soon. We'll miss you on the blogging scene. Get back soon!


M Theory said...

I'll be sure to tell my former roommate that a cowardly anonymous commentor on our blog thinks of him as a token. I certainly don't. But I did have to deal with judgment when he moved in and I experienced, through him, the judgment he sometimes faced in his own life.

It amazes me that one or two people continuously stalk me anonymously on this blog and try to paint me as things I am not.

I know my life is fascinating and theirs is not, but still. It's really kind of creepy.

And as always these couple of anonymous stalkers simply don't have the courage to say these things to my face and reveal their identity publicly either.


FOR OUR READERS, I share with you one of my favorite stories from the life of my Grandmother.

Back in the 70's she bought a cemetary plot for her and Grandpa. It must have been before 1972 when grandpa died. I was very young.

Anyway, Grandma was ready to sign the deal with the cemetary salesman when the jerk said, "And don't you worry, Mrs. J., we don't allow any coloreds to be buried here."

(This is the classic salesperson who doesn't know when to shut his mouth)

Grandma stood up and in a very dignified manner informed the salesman that if their cemetary wasn't good enough for the coloreds, then it wasn't good enough for her.

He didn't know, but she was one of the founders of the Interacial Friendship Group of ladies in my hometown who lunched and did charity projects.

She bought her plot at the other cemetary in town.

That's one of many reasons why my grandmother is the single greatest influence in my life and a heroine to me.

Sean Shepard said...

Glad you are okay Melyssa!

One of our good libertarian friends had a similar situation arise a couple of years ago. She had just moved to town and got slammed by a vehicle around the 38th and Meridian corridor I believe. The at-fault party had no insurance and subsequently filed bankruptcy. I can't even imagine the medical bills that were probably involved.

Bad things happen and they are called accidents for a reason, but the financial and emotional impact to someone can be devastating when things aren't properly in order.

As for the racist accusation. I understand their point, cowardly made from an anonymous label, but racism was not the intent just painting the picture like someone would if writing a book. I wonder ... is Chris Rock racist? Watch and decide for yourself http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uj0mtxXEGE8

M Theory said...

It's no secret that Center Township is plagued with leeches on society.

These are people who drive cars (rather than take public transit) and/or don't pay for insurance.

Their lawless actions cause those of us who insure our vehicles to pay higher premiums.

In addition the leeches who live a lifetime on welfare cause those of us who work (producers) to pay higher taxes.

This subject has nothing to do with race and to the person who thinks being a leech on society is tied to race, then maybe he/she needs to think really hard about their own racism.

What's hilarious is that I never even saw who drove the van who hit me, yet my account of the accident was labeled racist by my stalker.

As a side note, the EMT on the scene told me that nearly 100% of their runs are for people who want a free ride to ER for a sniffle or worse, those that call 911 to go to the ER to get drugs...the drug seekers. Again, I'm speaking only of non-producing leeches on society who feel entitled to have the rest of us pull their weight and pay their way through life.

Anonymous said...


Sorry to hear of your accident. But glad to hear your ok. Take all the time you need and Happy Holidays!

Freedom Of Speech Staff
New Albany, Indiana