"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Melyssa's open message to Mayor Ballard

Last night the mayor suggested that people live downtown because of the Colts. Just how the hell does he know that? Has he lived downtown? Has he been part of the downtown scene there for years? Just where does he get this information? Bob Grand, maybe?

I lived downtown from 1986 to 1998. I lived there because I like historic districts. Back in the day I knew just about everyone who lived downtown. It was a small community. I can tell you first hand that we we were not there because of sports. We were there because we were urban pioneers.

This is a warning. It's about to unleash on Mayor Ballard if he doesn't demand that Irsay and Simon make up their own shortfalls!

WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH of Mayor Ballard who now sides with the elites over the people.


Anonymous said...

I voted for Mayor Ballard and I'm disgusted he has not come through with his promises of better accountability and transparency.

Anonymous said...

Melyssa, I hate to say it, but you played a large part in getting this man elected. So I say live with it. That's what you'd say to anyone else.

M Theory said...

Thanks for acknowledging I played a big role in helping Ballard get elected.

I did so at big personal risk, for if Peterson had won, he would have made my life a living hell.

I don't have to live with any bad choice I make in innocence. I can work to change it.

I warned Ballard outside the city county building during one our rallies. I told him to look around and asked if he realized what I was capable of doing. He acknowledged he was glas he wasn't in Peterson's shoes.

I warned him that if he ever didn't stand with The People, I would be there.

He's drawn a line in the sand with his cowardice to stand up to the millionaires in this city on behalf of the people. He got in bed with the very people who worked against him in his campaign.

That's either stupid or creepy. And neither do we need running our city.

Anonymous said...

It takes time to step fully into an executive role like the Mayor of Indianapolis. Abdul described this well as the Mayor's sophomore year. Our mayor is accessible & will meet with people- by appointment (hey, he's a busy fellow). It's important to meet with him before writing him off.

M Theory said...

An old democrat friend of mine from a long, well established family in this town said this to me today:

The Old Republican Guard is playing Ballard like a fiddle. Keep him fed and feeling important.

The mayor knows how to find us. We've got answers. I don't see him reaching out.

I'll think differently if he asks Grand to resign and if he tells Irsay and Simon that they have to pay to play in our town.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Pete Boggs,

About 4 months ago, I was at the position you were. It's interesting seeing how long it takes hard-core Ballard supporters to give up hope. We all have our own timetable. You still have optimism. I'm afraid I don't have any left. I have seen no movement, no progress from this administration. This adminsitration has repeatedly taken on taxpayers and gun owners. Now pray tell why type of Republican would do that?

Anonymous said...

I agree. He should be made accountable to those who helped him into office, and not become the puppet of the party elites. This is becoming every day a more populist nation, and anyone would be a fool not to realize the power the people are gaining against the Old Guard.

Anonymous said...

Ballard asked "Had Enough"? We replied, yes and worked damned hard to make that happen. Imagine our dissapointment now that we haven't even seen a variation in course. So, my answer is YES, I've had enough of the status quo. All we got was a different face, different law firm running the place and, proof that they can't even budget for the light bills.

Sean Shepard said...

(sorry of the length on this)

I agree with the concern over some of the issues that are being talked about, but am not quite ready to write off Mayor Ballard. There are some areas that it seems he is doing well in and I'm sure, in his situation, there are difficult choices that are almost impossible to make.

Even if nothing improper is really going relative to the CIB, for example, the appearance of such by nature of the appointments to that board is just too easy to infer. The managing partner of a law firm that also represents the sports teams should not be allowed to be on that board.

Even if individuals with any potential appearance of impropriety recuse themselves, they are still part of those organizations and wield influence over their peers. OR, perhaps even know too much about the 'inside dealings' of either side and can easily pass information to someone else.

The challenge with some of the people who get appointed to these high powered boards is that they are major contributors and influencers in local politics. If you have a law firm of a couple of hundred or more well healed attorneys, that represents a large potential contribution base to a candidate or party organization.

The history of politics is replete with appointments being made based on such influence. Even today, big contributors to Presidential candidates are often first in line to get ambassadorships and such.

BUT, when there is clearly a situation that looks fishy, politically it is imperative to ensure none exists.

Someone also said that Mayor Ballard mentioned or alluded to gun restrictions again the other day. If I understand his explanation of the first comment several weeks ago in this area, he re-framed it within the context of keeping 'illegal guns' (presumably guns held by people otherwise barred or lacking valid permit) off the street. I hope that is all that was really meant, but we know the knee jerk reactions politicians have towards problems and they then begin to restrict rights and freedoms instead of addressing the core sources of an issue.

Relative to the CIB situation, how tough is it for someone to just come out and say, "It appears my serving on this board is drawing attention away from important issues and detracting from the job our fine Mayor is trying to do. In order to ensure the utmost confidence in the city's dealings I have respectfully resigned so that important work can move forward without."

That seems to be a very ethical thing to do. It's not like quitting a job where someone's family is dependent on the income.

M Theory said...

Sean, If the mayor were looking out for the taxpayers, he would have made at least one appointment to that board of a lawyer to look out for our best interests.
An old friend of mine (from a very prominent Democrat family) told me just yesterday how shrewd Bob Grand is and indicated that Ballard's being played like a well-tuned fiddle by the Republican Old Guard.
The democrats are circling like vultures over this.