"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Sunday, March 9, 2008

To Whom it May Concern: Melyssa & Volunteerism

I want to make it perfectly clear that no job was ever offered to me by Sean Shepard, should he be elected in two days for Congress. However, I do intend to VOLUNTEER my services to Sean in anyway that it is needed and my skill set would be helpful. I have absolutely no desire to work in a bureaucracy or for the government. However, if I am asked to give my talents to my country, then of course I will act and I do expect to be given volunteer work.

Advance Indiana incorrectly reported a statement that I was promised a job with Sean. I hope no one takes offense to a citizen giving (rather than taking) from her country. If you look at my history, you will see I have a long history of meaningful volunteer work for my community.

As far as a career, I much prefer sales, which obviously I am pretty good at doing. I apoligize for any misunderstanding.



Gary R. Welsh said...

Melyssa, You in fact did send out an e-mail claiming Sean Shepard had offered you a job running his district office if he was elected. You rattled this claim off to a number of people. I would be happy to forward the e-mail to you as a reminder.

Anonymous said...

Gary...get real, can you really see me working in a government bureaucracy as a career? Not only would I suck at it, it would not make me happy. I hate to say it, but I worry for your happiness Gary. It is not cool to turn on your well-meaning friends.
And I'm sorry I don't want to play in the Republican sandbox. I've seen enough to know what your party and the democrats are doing to our gacountry.

I see how the Republicans treat gays too. They are awful. George W was all nice and cozy with the gays until they decided to hijack the Christian right to win the presidency and then George W got on board with the gay marriage business.

I watched how the Republicans treat Greg Ballard, who is an absolutely honorable man, yet they gave their financial muscle to the democrat.

Things are a mess. All everyone seems to do is fight.

I'm just a chick who is standing up for what she believes in, just like you. The Libertarian candidate deserves this win. In fact, more than that, AMERICA and the 7th District, deserves SEAN!

Let's choose 1st best for once and see what happens!

Gary R. Welsh said...

Fine, Melyssa, I'll send the e-mail you sent to me claiming you were going to run Sean's district office if he won to Sean. And don't worry about me Melyssa. You have plenty to worry about yourself. Take care.

Jacob Perry said...

It's time for the kids to go to bed, folks...

You've had your play time, but it's time for serious folks to decide serious issues.

Anonymous said...

Gary, there is absolutely NOTHING in my work experience that would qualify me to run an administrative office...seriously. There is a LOT in my background that qualifies me to network good people to Sean. I used to place people in jobs for a living in another life.

Sorry you misunderstood me. It's cool though.

Let's debate the issues! I'm very much a non-issue. I'm just a chick who volunteers her time with a long standing history of doing just that...sometimes to a fault.

For the record, I have no intention of accepting a paid position in government.

Let's focus on putting FIRST BEST in Washington.

Anonymous said...

Just don't expect anything from the sellout Greg Ballard!

Anonymous said...

once again this blog is all about melyssa. How self centered. You must be actualizing.

Anonymous said...

more like self promotion. By the way, your behavior at the iupui debate was so unbecoming and distracting, i'm sure Mr. Shepard was as embarrassed as the rest of us. Please try to find some stability in your life along your path of self annialation.

Anonymous said...

vote elrod. he only 1 not a wacko! No wonder the Star endorsed him.
Your know by the company you keep.
I feel sorry for Shepard. your an albatross around his neck.

Anonymous said...

The best they can do is attack a SUPPORTER of the candidate? Debate the issues, not their supporters.

Sean Shepard has my vote.

Anonymous said...

Judging by anonymous 6:29's grammar and spelling, the person is a product of a center township education. Surely a child did not get left behind?

It is time to get behind the libertarian.

Anonymous said...

even the sandbox contains grains of trufh. vot carson

Anonymous said...

who making fun of me edacation? i street smrt. mommie said ok to rite this.