"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Friday, March 7, 2008

A vote for Elrod will get you Carson

After hearing last night's debate, there should be no doubt that Sean Shepard is the best candidate in the field. He is pristine and owes no one but the People once elected. Many well schooled pundits admit to me that Sean is the best and they would vote for him if he was Republican.

Well, Sean used to be a Republican until they stopped adhering to their ideals. Don't blame Sean for having integrity. Don't blame all the others who see the horrible behavior in both parties and decide leave the Republicans and Democrats to make the Libertarian vote higher every year.

It is up to you now. Are you going to vote for the best or second best candidate? Cause the Libertarians are not backing off Sean Shepard to settle for the second best candidate.

Many republicans admit to me that Sean is the best candidate, yet say he will not get their vote. In other words, these Republicans are willing to settle for second best and try to convince other voters that they should settle for second best to avoid getting Carson. Even though this first best candidate, Sean Shepard, worked his tail off last summer to help lead the property tax protests that led to the Republicans getting handed a mayor and a city council on a silver platter.

How dare any citizen be pushed to vote for anyone but the very best candidate in the field. You vote for the second best candidate and you vote for Carson, a bought and paid for big government puppet with strong anti-Israel Muslim ties.

You vote for the second best candidate and you will put a man in power who told us last night that the stock market, which is good enough for the wealthiest people in the world, is not good enough for his constituents and their retirement money.

You decide. Do you want Shepard or Carson? Because a vote for Elrod is going to get you Carson, as there are now enough people of integrity to throw this election that way and who don't see any difference anymore between Republican and Democrat. We have nothing to lose by getting Carson. We see little difference between the two parties, who while on their watch, put our country into its current state.

As for me, I'm quitting the activism, voting for Sean Shepard, and praying that my community I've fought so hard to try to make a better place, thinks enough of themselves and Indiana to choose the best.

I know I am worth the best, but are you?


Anonymous said...

You're entitled to your opinion, and beating your campaign drum on this subject is monotonous.

Anonymous said...

Advance Indiana writes a Vote for Shepard is a vote for Carson

Anonymous said...

Apparently you only want to side with your gay friends when it's convenient. why did you betray gay people on this issue. advance indiana is for elrod. so much for principles of standing with your friends.

Anonymous said...

I thought this blog was about the PROPERTY TAX ISSUES not wingnut disgruntled former GOP misfits who couldn't play well in the sand box.
First you state lie that Elrod is gay and then you say a vote for Elrod is a vote for Carson.
Well, I've known Jon all my life and he's about as gay as a lamp post. Rumors like that get started when a lesbian blogger like Steph Mineart accepts $5,000 from the Carson people to do a political hit job.
Your losing your friends HFFT by going off on an anti-everybody but Libertines diatribe.
Now lets get back to property taxes or is that yesterday's "cause for a day"?

Anonymous said...

Sean Shepard helped Melyssa lead the property tax protests. Sean will vote for the FairTax once he is in Congress. That makes his candidacy relevant to this blog. Sean's politics are gay friendly. Melyssa became an activist via her volunteer work for the FairTax and is how this blog got its name. Sounds like the sheeple are getting irritated that Shepard will upset their hopeful victory.

It sickens me to see how you people treat Melyssa. She stood up for all of you, all last summer, worked day and night on your behalf and look how you talk about her.

I don't blame her for quitting her work. You are disgusting people without a moral compass.

Anonymous said...

The GOP sandbox brought us George W Bush, a war no one wanted, and an economy headed for no where good.

The Indiana GOP turned its back on their Marine candidate for mayor who is already cutting millions from the city budget. Melyssa called that one right, even when the GOP didn't support him.

I watched Melyssa in action. I am convinced without her work, Ballard would not be mayor.

Can't blame her and others for getting out that sandbox. I wouldn't want to play in a sandbox that everyone shits in either.

My vote is for Shepard and I hope my vote helps to teach the Republicans a lesson.

Anonymous said...

how much money is the libertarian party giving Shepard to get the word out? It's silence is deafening.

Anonymous said...

'fair tax' relevancy?to justify all the entries about sean shepard? when the realilty is that it's all about YOU; not 'fair tax' about which little is mentioned in comparison. How self indulgent and selfpromoting.

Anonymous said...

Melyssa is backing Sean Shepard for one and only one reason. He promised her a job if he wins. Here's the e-mail she sent around trying to convince people to support her:

"When Sean wins, I'm to have a key job running the new 7th district
office. Of course, I'm in over my head without smart people who
cannot be bought.

We want to rehab abandoned space very quickly using MBE/WBE
contractors with Darla's help. The rehab will be like a 30 to 60 day
extreme home makeover Indiana...Bill O. Angie's List style.

Sean is calling Congressman Burton's chief tomorrow (who he knows
well) to get the skinny one the ends and outs of congressional office
budget, etc so we know where we are.

When this happens,I want you on staff and will lobby with the boys for
that to happen. But you have to be nice. The libs love you and so do
I. I love you most when you believe in Indiana's potential.

All my best, Melyssa"

Anonymous said...

Anonymous wrote:
"She stood up for all of you, all last summer, worked day and night on your behalf..."

I didn't ask her to do. She CHOSE to do that. Should we have just rolled over when she and others got into bed with Eric Miller on the property tax issue, despite a number of us warning her and others NOT to do that?

I have nothing against her. I don't know her. I think it's great that she choose to be involved in fighting for the issues she believes in. But I didn't ask her to. She, of her own free will, chose that path.


Anonymous said...

You are entitled to your opinions, Melyssa, but your opinion wil not rule the day. Not even close.

For what it's worth, the new Congressperson cannot move the district office. I'd think whoever posted that tripe would at least do a little homework. Not saying it's you Melyssa---can't really tell from that post.

A lease is signed with the General Services Administration and the Clerk of the House for district office space. It can expire when the term does, or self-renew for two years.

A lease. You know, like the document Carl Drummer didn't have and then dreamed up for his buds at 300 East.

So back off the desire for new drapes and digs. Won't happen. Unless you advocate voiding a lease and paying the fees to do so?

Didn't think so.

Anonymous said...

The website is all about Millesa and her personal desires to tag along with Sean Shepard should he win a long shot election. She doesn't know it, but Shepard never made any commitment like that and the Libertarian Party would jettison her at the mere mention of her tag along ideas. make no mistake, she gave up true activisim last year and dreamt up all sorts of excuses for walking away from the protestors this year. Guess her lack of leadership became too transparent. She wanted transparency, now she has it. Closing down her website will be a good lesson for her. it's the logical path to self destruction. Too bad! I'm sure she'll find another cause. people like this would have a meaningless life without a crusade. The gig is up on Tuesday night. maybe she can pull her boyfriend around with a neck chain for her amusement. Too bad, I thought slavery went out with Lincoln. se la viv

Sean Shepard said...

Someone just made me aware of some post about about a bunch of things that never happened. The source is Gary Welsh who seems to have totally lost his mind this election cycle.

So for the record, none of the things mentioned in that supposed e-mail ever happened. As someone else mentioned, there are legal and contractual reasons that would restrict such activity anyway.

What a lame attempt at a hit job by Gary. Between this blog and his going a bit overboard with the candidate promotion, I understand the frustration on the part of the some the usual visitors.

Hopefully everyone can get back on message after March 11. Please?

Aspergers.life said...

Sean makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Gary...Myself (and others) lobbied hard to try to get you a position in Ballard's administration. Why wouldn't I lobby for you Sean? Wouldn't you want to help too anyway you can?

In that email, I was simply trying to network you to Sean. You've got great skills and knowledge I'm hurt you would resort to attacking me for wanting to network you to a candidate you said early on knows the issues.

And can you blame me for coming up with ways to employ good MBE/WBE contractors who don't get a seat at the table?

Some new blood in office could provide all kinds of new opportunities for talented people that are locked out. You really should try thinking the best of people instead of the worst. You have a history of attacking people who simply don't deserve it.

Case in point....our Mayor who is busy keeping his promises to us just a couple months into office.

Anonymous said...

This is to all the taxpayers of Indiana, all who have had enough of all the lunacy. I would like to suggest an idea, that I have really not seen in our history, as a solution to the sense of hopelessness, in Americans at every level but the top. The only ideas to date, are to somehow change the system itself, to sue the system , to attempt to elect individuals and then throw them into snakepit, alone and unarmed, maybe to protest with placards and sit-ins, and then somehow think any of these might work. They all involve the need to include those in charge as part of the picture and decision making,them always having the final say, or really, the only say. Apathy, fear of the system itself, ignorance of the system, these all encouraged by the system, make the individual today truly feel as though there is no answer, they are powerless, why bother...The new approach? Use the laws, rules, regulations, and rights of the people, apply them individually, but by all to the fullest extent each has a right to , an extent the system itself was never engineered over the years to handle. Because of the bully tactics of the past decades, rights have been morphed by the bullies' sense of invulnerability, they never think appeals will be a factor again, as so many individually have been made an example of, who would dare try to question them. Hence, no real ability to serve the questioning by the public, by silencing with power,there is no need for a process to listen really. Instead of common sense, civility and decency keeping dissent at bay, the chosen path has been for too long to use the system to crush any questioning...Taxation without representation, the work done by all to support the chosen few, King George, all seem like we are living the sequel today? Why did they fight to form this country? How did the first go-round end? What if every American, were to exercise their right to appeal every tax applied to them, at every level, and take it to the fullest extent? If even just applied at the county level to real estate taxes, as in our state, or in other states at the most local extent, with the 1000/1 ratio of taxpayer/government worker, systemic gridlock would be total, immediate, and not fixable without a complete understanding that as the chosen few, they could not do as they pleased any longer. In our state, the laws are extremely specific about our right to question taxation, with numerous levels of appeal, before reaching court.The same at the federal level, but for many, too hard to travel to the federal offices.( Imagine the surprise when 200 million extensions would come in next April 16th at the IRS, as an easy one on the federal end, done at home...Might need to order more letter openers?...) These local appeals can all be done by the person themselves, with no legal representation, filing one paper,form 130,this intitiates the process, filing 20000+_ at the same instance, per county, stops the insanity. This all done within 45 days of the next reassessment, coming next year... 20000 appeals to listen to,less than half of the taxpayers in this county, (not Marion) at 30 minutes per meeting, 80/week ...Think about it...This just the first salvo, each agency has a phone line, a help window, mailboxes,all take payments(dollar bills making us all feel proud of showing how much we contribute to the cause, a check is so impersonal),and if asked,they have to send any information asked for, the opportunities could be endless...They have exacting job descriptions for each and every job in government, we all make sure they do all in those descriptions, for each and every one of us, whenever we want, to whatever extent we feel we need to ask and be informed, as they are of course, PUBLIC SERVANTS, and we the public immediatley feel like we need to be served in a manner we have been deprived of for so long. Just this idea, making the light of day, at a high enough level, explained in terms that each person would see the true ease and purity of the solution. Just letting those in charge know the possibility exists, might be all that is needed, but the process has to be in place, to let them know it can be done. If there is any real down side to my reasoning, any real reason this would not work, I would appreciate your views. We all do understand the need of taxes, we like roads, we like police, we like to know an ambulance will be there when needed...We are, truly, reasonable people, if you let us be, and become reasonable in kind...It is all the excess we have had enough of, we want our lives back, the corporate pigs and politicians have had their fill, when is it our turn? How about now?...There are kids here, who upon graduating high school, have never set foot outside our county, because of their parents do nothing but work 2 shifts, to just survive. Medical problems present that should only be seen in third world countries, in the young and old alike, but never in families of the politicians, they all have benefits....When we were kids, even the poorer families had fun in their lives, look out into the real world, and see at what income level the thought of fun ever enters into the picture any more...School shootings, suicides, perverts, rapists, murderers, think the stress of the day to day might have anything to do with it? Any possibility that as the fourth or fifth generation of single parent families now live, that the values we learned from just having parents around, have been diluted in each subsequent generation to where there is no real memory in most of what those values were? Mom or dad always working, all kids know is from TV, peers in the same boat, we need to get back to where it was , the place we remember, but the children of today think of as a funny black and white old movie....By starting with one paper per person, it could easily be over...It is time for the few to listen to the many...As on the playground, the bully relies on intimidation of the individual. But as I am sure you remember, when all have finally been beaten up, the light bulb moment appears in one individual's mind, and the individuals then become one...My lightbulb lit last month...Time to take back the playground, eh? Pipe dream? Too simplistic? The simplicity I think is the key to success....Got to keep the lunies on the path...Perhaps our war cry? (As an aside,the abridged version, should you be interested,a permanent,easily implemented fix to all is to tie all funding for all government, salaries ,budgets etc., to an averaged per job/industry income index,like the DOW ,taken from tax data from the citizens, per occupation, business, and industry. Specific to the geographic region they govern, city data for city index,county, state, federal the same, spending and salaries adjusted yearly up or down to be in line with that average...Those in government do well when their policies work in there given region, they take a huge hit and pay cuts as we do, at the exact same rate of those who live with their decisions do. Taxes would then be in line with what the people are experiencing in their lives, same with the suffering, they would be accountable for their actions in the same way we experience it all, with the checkbook...Work harder, make it betterand get a raise,or sit and do nothing and take a pay cut or get a pink slip, the incentive would finally be there to fix it all...This for another time....They view their jobs,pay, and benefits somehow as an entitlement,let them know as we do, EXACTLY as we do, what we are living.) Just one person's ideas, but maybe it could be the right start...