"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
aka "Miss Victory"

Monday, March 10, 2008


Tomorrow, on March 11th, you the taxpayer have another opportunity to vote out incumbents who have done nothing for you. DO IT! There is one candidate in the 3-way race for Congress who has never held office and who has already given the 7th district countless hours of his time to solve the problems facing government.

For "grown-ups" that want to debate the issues:

Give yourself permission to pick the best candidate, not the lesser evil or who you think will win. Do it for America!

You AND America deserve the best!


Anonymous said...

'give yourself permission'. you mean i don't have to ask permission from you to vote. are you sure?
mother may I?
oh goodie, i can do it by meself mommie.
where's my milk and chocolate cookies.

Anonymous said...

sounds yummy. I'll go vote when they offer refreshments. They need to pay me to vote for this ragtag bunch. vote for melissa as a write in.

Anonymous said...

Same idiot IP address that can't debate the issues?

Anonymous said...

looks like you calling people names means YOU cannot debate the issues. true libertarians don't call people names. live and let live. viva la france

Anonymous said...

I'm a republican, idiot.

Anonymous said...

Your post reads: Vote Out The Incumbents tomorrow.
Odd, there are no incumbents running in the special 7th district election tomorrow. That's why they are having a special election.

Anonymous said...

Carson is an incumbent politician and so is Elrod. I think that is what they meant.

Anyway, neither one helped me with my property taxes. Elrod will abandon me at the end of this legislative session if he wins. None of them care about us.

I decided last year that I'll never vote for another incumbent politician again.