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"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Monday, March 10, 2008

Andy Horning: Don't spoil your chance to make real changes

Here are some words of wisdom from Andy Horning, who was one of your first responders on the scene when the property tax crisis crashed on Hoosiers late last June. You might recall that it was the leadership of the republicans and democrats in the 2007 legislative session that brought us last year's crisis. Recently we learned their competence at assessing resulted in being off $4 billion! Our new bills won't arrive until after the 2008 legislative session.

It's your country! Do you want more of the same type of leadership that brought you the property tax crisis of 2003 and 2007? Or are you ready to do your part to lead America's change?

Andy says:
If you plan to vote either Republican or Democrat in Indy’s 7th District Special Election, you’ve got some ‘splainin’ to do.

How in the world can you rationalize voting for the entrenched powers, when you have a perfectly good, reasonable, and perhaps unrepeatable chance to assert your power over them in an unmistakable, effective way? How can you vote for the status quo as our ship of state is clearly sinking? How in the world can you put your seal of approval to the corruption, abuse of power, crime and injustice caused directly by our intransigent, stubborn Big Party habit?
Don’t waste your vote on them again! Don’t let those pointless parties spoil your chance to make real changes.

Kick the habit. Show politicians who’s really in charge. Don’t just rattle your cage…break your chains and put a leash on the fancy pants parties at last.

Vote for Sean Shepard.

Just do it.


Anonymous said...

These comments were lifted from Andrew Horning's site, posted several days ago. same dull news. must be a hard day for real news. Any other politization you want to throw into the mix. Where's the emphasis on property tax. Shepard can do nothing if he's in Washington. This is a state and local problem.

Anonymous said...

vote for the entrenched people. they have a life too. live and let live..that is the libertarian philosophy. A little late now to betray that.

Anonymous said...

were you aware there was a property tax rally at the state house tomorrow?
You have lost total touch. Why don't you make a difference and get away from your computer and protest with the people. who knows, you might get some votes too.

Anonymous said...

shepard announced he is for decriminalizing marijuana and eliminating the IRS.
oops, here come new criminals with a gateway drug. opps, no more social security checks from the IRS.
Well you certainly know how to help Americans. dah?

Anonymous said...

milesa for Senator. Shepard for a page who can fetch the weed.

Anonymous said...

Nope, not at all a dull news day. It's more like I have a job that pays and and it ain't this one. Lots of blogs reprint what others say. Look around!

Elrod can do nothing about property tax if he's in Washington and he's ABANDONING the taxpayers in his district who hired him. Isn't Elrod pro-repeal? How's he going to get that done for us?

Many months ago I asked lots of republican and democrat activists if they wanted to help edit this blog. They said yes. I gave them password information and access. Only one ever used it and that was only once.

I can't be everywhere and am done with property tax activism. DIdn't you read that? I want to selfishly focus on my own life.

I can afford my taxes (even though mine went up 150%) cause I don't have dependents and have different income streams. I'll sell my house in a couple years, take my equity, my boyfriend, and go live off the grid somewhere.

Putting the first Libertarian in Congress is far more important than another property tax rally aimed at the same old republicans and democrats who do nothing anyway. We need to get the parties untrenched to make a difference.

I choose my battles based on the time I have. My income suffered about 30% because I was busy organizing all those rallies. I think its time to be a bit selfish.

Perhaps the gutless 10:00 (who won't sign his/her name) would like to cover the state house rally? I know about it. Rallies aren't working anymore...time to do something different.

We're never going to get fair taxation until we untrench the incumbents and the two-party system. That's the only conclusion I can draw after watching two sessions (2007-2008), organizing countless rallies, and observing our legislators NOT sort out the mess they created.

(See FairTax.org)

The people want repeal and it CAN be done. They know it. They lie. Simple.

My vote is just one vote. My vote cannot change the world. Collectively many votes to elect the 1st Libertarian to Congress will start to get the message through in an unmistakeable way.

Your choice. Do what you've always done and you shall get what you've always got: HIGH TAXES !

Anonymous said...

no one has any 'splainin' to do. no one need justify their vote to you or anyone. You betray the libertarian idea to live and let live. I see your republican roots. you're not really as removed from it as you may think.

Anonymous said...

Your choice. Do what you've always done and you shall get what you've always got: HIGH TAXES !

Anonymous said...

Kick the habit! I like it!

Anonymous said...

Andy Horning - the same one that ran for office (Congress, I believe it was) as a Republican just a few years back?

Hard for me to take advice or lectures from him about the virtues of being a Libertarian, when he ran as a Republican a few years back when it was convenient for him to do so.


Anonymous said...

The Horning candidacy will be another failed energy waste that the Libertarian Party has no interest in. Their in their own world...yawn.

Anonymous said...

I got interested in Libertarian politics this year after getting totally fed up. Probably more people are like me than you know.