"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"

"The Official Portrait of Miss InDiana"
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Monday, March 10, 2008

Why property tax rallies don't work anymore

Another rally aimed at the same old democrats and republicans who put us in this mess is not going to solve anything. We let them know what we want and we let them know LOUDLY over and over again! We told them nothing short of REPEAL is what is wanted by the people. Poll after poll supports that Hoosiers want repeal. We know property tax repeal IS possible and we know our politicians lie to us and say it is impossible.

Who the hell are politicians, without indepth schooling in economics, to tell us they know more about what works economically than the economists (who spent their lifetimes studying) know?
Do you really buy the arrogance of those democrat and republican politicians?

We saw, while on the republican and democrat watch, Marion county property taxes were under-assessed by $4 billion and some got bills last year with as much as 850% increase! Bank tellers with high school diplomas get fired if they don't balance their drawers to the penny. How are legislators getting off so easy?

The answer is that you let them. WE are the reason we aren't getting repeal OR reform. Take responsibility for your contribution to the problem. We failed to parent government. It's time to change what we are doing, because until we do, we are going to get what we always got.

Any of you ever watch the show "Super Nanny"? Well, our politicians are like the out of control brats that Nanny helps. And guess what? Her techniques don't work unless the parents decide to change and implement new parental behavior. Unless Hoosiers decide we're going to change how we vote, and how we oversee our politician servants, we're going to get the same trouble-causing, out-of-control do-nothings.

The public lets politicians get away with ruining people's lives by enabling their negligence to handle our business responsibly.

Case in point: we have a politician ready to abandon his state house representative position for Congress if he's elected tomorrow. He's ready to turn his back on you, the taxpayer who elected him. And many of you are ready to let him off the hook! Anyone ever ask him why he didn't wait until November to run AFTER he took care of the taxpayers he promised to serve locally? And worse, he's got the nerve to run on a platform of being your backyard Congressman! I find it unbelieveable that people are so partisan that they buy that?

So what's the answer to make the politicians do our will? Is it another property tax rally?

Having personally been to more property tax rallies than pretty much anyone around, I can tell you the answer to our property tax crisis is not another rally. Not unless the State House is literally surrounded by 5,000 or more homeowners with pitchforks. Nothing short of that level of rally will be effective anymore. To the politician, rallies are now "another day another rally". They LAUGH at you behind your back. Just like they laughed at Mayor Ballard, a distinguished Marine officer who is already slashing waste from the city budget and keeping his promises.

After nearly a year of full time activism, with rallies I organized in media coast-to-coast, I am utterly convinced the status quo two-party system will never get us anywhere. My assessment is based on observation of the actions of the politicians who vote on our behalf. (Really politicians vote on THEIR behalf and that's the part that the sheeple are too ignorant to understand.) We must untrench the political status quo to see progress. That means electing independents, Green Party, and Libertarian candidates.

As of March 12, I'm quitting my volunteer job with Hoosiers For Fair Taxation because I only help people who don't help themselves so long.

Having said that there are a few activist exceptions to this rule and I do not mean to discourage them, but rather ENCOURAGE them to put their energy into getting the best people of principle they can to run as Libertarians and fund their campaigns.

If you really want answers and you really want change, change how you vote starting tomorrow.

Still think I'm wrong about changing how you vote? See the 2007 and 2008 Indiana legislative session for proof that your voting habit is not working for us. Think real hard about this year's legislative session and your property tax bill tomorrow when you look at your three choices and ask yourself if you want more of the same.

Carson and Elrod are more of the same. Vote out incumbent politicians!


Anonymous said...

I well remember Ross Perot and that brought us Slick Willie the Clintons who never seem to go away. I can't make that mistake again. Sorry Sean, another time or place but not against Carson.

Anonymous said...

Carson or Elrod...more of the same. I'd rather have Carson for 9 months than vote for Elrod, just to teach the R's a lesson about not being more discerning. I don't care anymore.

M Theory said...


Attention Housing Summit Attendees:

The message below was sent to all MIBOR members, but we reach out to you for your additional consideration. As an attendee of the 2008 Central Indiana Housing Summit, you understand the importance of real reform for our state's property tax system. We strongly encourage you to join the Rally this Tuesday.

This the last chance for REALTORS® to make a strong, united statement about the need for property tax reform.

An RSVP is needed no later than noon on Monday, March 10.

It's Crunch Time!

The Indiana General Assembly is set to conclude next Friday, March 14 and consensus on true property tax reform has not been reached. Only a few days remain for real reform and real relief. If we want to make reform a reality this session, legislators need to hear a rally cry from the real estate community and homeowners.

The Indiana Association of REALTORS® (IAR) has made arrangements for one last rally at the State House and MIBOR is making it easy for you to participate. IAR has arranged for Governor Mitch Daniels to address our group at his office at 11:00 a.m. Tuesday, March 11 after which you may proceed in groups to seek out your legislator and carry the message that reform is needed now.

On Tuesday, March 11 meet at MIBOR at 1912 N. Meridian St. at 9:30 a.m. for a short briefing before taking a shuttle bus to the State House. MIBOR will provide the talking points and tr ansportation.

What should you do?

1. RSVP to this message to commit to come to MIBOR on Tuesday at 9:30 a.m.

2. Invite your clients, neighbors, family - all who care about property tax reform are welcome

3. Before Tuesday, visit http://www.in.gov/apps/sos/legislator/search/ to find out the names of your State Senator and State Representative

Click here to RSVP and write "Rally" in the message line. Please respond with your name and the number of people you plan to bring.

Your RSVP is needed no later than noon on Monday, March 10.

Anonymous said...

No offense but MIBOR hasn't exactly been transparent with taxpayers either. Home prices have dropped more than they are reporting and there are many more abandoned, foreclosed (or nearing it) homes than they have disclosed.

I believe in having hope but I don't buy MIBOR's attempt to paint a rosy (but inaccurate) portrait of the real estate climate in our city. MIBOR does a disservice to citizens by not being forthright with their numbers. Have a great rally beating your drum too, like the other special interest groups.

Anonymous said...

Good luck in your future endeavors Melyssa.

Aspergers.life said...

12:48 PM,

Look again.

Exit polls revealed those who voted for Ross Perot fit the classic demographic make-up that support Democrats.

In simpler terms:

Ross Perot supporters would likely have voted for Bill Clinton rather than George HW Bush.

Anonymous said...

ross perot endorsed bush. I'm sure most of his followers followed suit.

Anonymous said...

i don't recall mibor bringing in any busload on any previous rally for all of 2007. Now, at the 11th hr.,they expect to make a difference. where were their principles and guts for all of 2007.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Melyssa, Get a clue. Lawmakers don't care what you or others think about the property tax issue because your protests produced no groundswell of candidates to challenge them for re-election. Look out yourself. You're devoting all your efforts towards a congressional race that doesn't have a damn thing to say about property taxes. Meanwhile. most of our state lawmakers will face no serious opposition. Here are the statistics I filed which tell the story:

Senate Democrats (4 out of 6 have no opposition, or 66%)
Senate Republicans (9 out of 14 have no opposition, or 64%)
House Republicans (33 out of 44 have no opposition, or 75%)
House Democrats (37 out of 44 have no opposition, or 84%)

Anonymous said...

thank you advanceindiana. excellent observation. Melyssa's inconsistency is for all to see. she used the property tax ire early on as a vehicle to get back at the mayor for what he attempted to do to her in shutting down her 'business'. She betrayed her own principle of 'we're not going away', but now she says she is leaving activism and acknowledges her utter failure on property tax. She asked her protestors to attend an Eric Miller rally, then blast them for their attendance. She votes for Shepard on principle, she says, but that too will also be a failure while bashing others to follow her into a free fall. She twisted her blog into a failure due to the political obsession to fill a seat in DC. that can have no effect on our local property tax issue. No matter what the current crusade for a day, self destruction and alot of chatter, but nothing productive. Perhaps another Indianapolis Monthly is needed for part 2, of the continuing saga.

Anonymous said...


Your support of the anti-libertarian gay agenda alienated your movement from many libertarians and Hoosiers, most of whom find the gay lifestyle abhorrent.

If attending one of your tea parties is considered a pro-gay rally, they ain't gonna show.

And how did you score with the gay community? I think Gary has more influence in that community that you.

The end analysis: Be pro-gay or be pro-libertarians. But the two agendas are diametrically opposed. You can't be both.

Best wishes with your new endeavors. The good that you managed to do is recognized and appreciated.

Anonymous said...

To yet another gutless anonymous 7:06,

You need to study up on the Libertarian principles which are VERY inclusive of gays and is adamant about staying out of people's personal lives and keeping government out of the business of marriage.

The beauty of Libertarianism is that everyone, no matter what, is included without predjudice. And the party is all about small and non-obtrusive government...a principle the republican party only gives lip service to. In example see GEORGE W BUSH who turned his back on the gays he formerly supported once Karl Rove convinced them to get in bed with the christian right. BUSH also ran U.S. defict to record levels with his war in Iraq...a country that did not attack us.

You see, Libertarians are about DEFENSE, not military aggression based on the NWO, world domination, or creating a police state.

I support gays because they are good people and are no better or worse than me or anyone else and should be treated as such.

I don't turn on my principles not for popularity and not for money.

Unlike democrats and republicans, I can't be bought.

Thanks for your well wishes. I hope you take to heart all I've said. I'm right on the money and we need to start turning this country around NOW or she is lost.

Anonymous said...

To yet another gutless anonymous coward (4:50)

Are you not proud enough of your opinion to sign your name to it? Obviously not. I also see you are OBSESSED with the article about me in Indianapolis Monthly, which of course, amuses me.

WE THE PEOPLE did not go away...I am. I am not the people. I am one individual making the decision to make all the money I can in this economic downturn instead of wasting my time further on activism. I accomplished some goals (helping pave path for new council and conservative mayor who owes no one).

Like I said...I only give a hand up to people for so long. You all need to help yourselves.

The problem IS the two party system and its corrupt and self-serving nature.

Get out of your box for it packed solid in there with sheeple and politics that take advantage of the lazy and ignorant.

In that box the ignorant masses believe the only valid path is the corrupt two-party system that is failing America, her people and her constitution.

Evidently, you like the status quo. We'll see how you like it through the upcoming severe downturn in the economy. Don't say you were not warned.

Anonymous said...

Noted homosexual activist and pornographer Clinton Fein addressed the “gay” agenda in a 2005 article candidly titled, “The Gay Agenda”:

On “hate crimes” laws: “Hate Crime laws are just the beginning. Once those are passed either federally or in all 50 states, begin campaign to eliminate homophobia entirely.”

On “hate thoughts” and “hate speech” laws: “Homophobic inclinations alone, even without any actions, should be criminal and punishable to the full extent of the law.”

On influencing public policy: “Make sure that gay representation permeates every level of governance.”

On “same-sex marriage”: “Demand the institution and then wreck it. James Dobson was right about our evil intentions. We just plan to be quicker than he thought.”

On “gays” in the Church: “Reclaim Jesus. He was a Jewish queer to begin with, and don’t let anyone forget it.”

Anonymous said...

You say rallies don't work. What about your principles. Whether rallies work or not, is not the point. you exercised your voice and stood for what you believed in, despite the remote success. You used the same reasoning to support a Libertarian candidate because of your principles, despite the remote chance. Major inconsistency. Doesn't make alot of sense to have major inconsistency by claiming you rallies don't work if your simply looking at the results. Guess principles don't mean much afterall to you?

Anonymous said...

Well gee...at least I'm principled enough to own my words by signing my name to them.